The Daily Show visits March For Our Lives counter-protest

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After millions flocked to Washington for the March For Our Lives protest for gun law reform, Montana gun owners held their own pro-gun rally in protest.

Most of us saw on television how the March For Our Lives rally turned out. People traveled from near and far to demand changes to the gun laws in Washington. Of course, this all comes after the deadly school shooting in Parkland, with many of its survivors present for the march.

Of course, there are others who don’t agree with the protesters, feeling what they’re arguing for threatens their second amendment rights. So, to protest back, many gun owners in Montana held their own counter-protest. That sounds intriguing if nothing else, so The Daily Show‘s Roy Wood Jr. took a trip out there to see first hand what it would be like.

“I want a tank!” one man argues, saying he should have whatever it is that the government has. Another argues for clear backpacks and arming teachers as opposed to altering gun laws. Wood then finds one person who claims that the protesters for the March For Our Lives rally were all paid by “liberal Democrats” to be there. But what’s strangest to Wood is how not one of these gun owners brought their guns with them, as they were told not to for “safety issues.” There’s certainly some irony to be found in that.

Watch the full bit for yourself in the YouTube video below.

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