Donald Trump praises high Roseanne ratings during speech

via ABC
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In a speech on infrastructure in Richmond, Ohio, President Donald Trump gloated over the high TV ratings of Roseanne, saying the show is about him.

The president of the United States may be the biggest Roseanne fan of all!

Earlier this week, the 80s and 90s sitcom Roseanne finally aired its revival featuring all of the original cast. The event had been getting hyped for a long time, and there was certainly a lot of excitement going into it. Still, everyone had to be shocked by just how high in the ratings the show made it, pulling in a whopping 18 million viewers!

With numbers far surpassing The Walking Dead and even Game of Thrones, it’s needless to say the revival is a hit. It was reported that Donald Trump even called to congratulate Roseanne Barr for how well the show did. But the president wasn’t going to keep his praise limited to that phone call, because as Variety reports, he brought it up during a recent speech on infrastructure.

“Look at her ratings! Look at her ratings!” Trump gloated during the speech. He adds that the show was really about him and his supporters, but that the “other side” hasn’t seen that yet. He adds, “They haven’t figured it out yet; the fake news hasn’t quite figured it out yet. They have not figured it out. So that was great.”

The Roseanne revival doing so well likely means we’ll see even more reboots on TV in the future. Wonder what’s coming next? We’ll have to wait and see.