Comedian Tom Segura played Jared’s brother in cancelled Subway ads

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Tom Segura visited Stephen Colbert on last night’s Late Show to speak about his big break playing Jared’s brother in filmed but unaired Subway ads.

Talk about a close call for this comedian’s career!

Last night on The Late Show, funnyman Tom Segura stopped by to speak with host Stephen Colbert. The rising comic had a funny story to tell about the first big break of his career. That came by landing a cushy gig with a recurring role for multiple TV commercials. But it turns out he had an even bigger break by having the commercials never make it to air!

Of course, we’re talking about Subway here, who used to use spokesman-turned-prisoner Jared Fogle for their ads. With Fogle now serving a lengthy prison sentence for committing some tremendously horrible crimes, being closely associated with him wouldn’t be good news. Playing his brother in a series of ads would have certainly done just that, and that’s exactly the break Segura had landed years ago!

As Segura tells Colbert, the idea from Subway at the time was that they could only used Jared to promote the healthier sandwiches. They were looking for an alternate mascot for the unhealthier foods, which opens the door for the character of Jared’s brother. Subway told Segura he was going to be very famous as Jared’s derelict brother “Jerome” — which later became “Jermaine.” Ultimately, however, the ads didn’t air, which proved to be a good thing for Segura.

You can watch Segura tell the story himself in the YouTube video below, courtesy of the official channel for CBS.

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