Bill Maher weighs in on Donald Trump vs. Joe Biden in new monologue

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During his monologue for last night’s Real Time, host Bill Maher chimed in on the new feud between the current president and the former vice president.

Joe Biden and Donald Trump are apparently feuding, but Real Time‘s Bill Maher is getting a big kick out of it!

Last night, Maher took to HBO for an all new episode of his weekly series. Kicking off his monologue, Maher first spoke about how even more people are vanishing from the White House. Commenting on the latest removals to occur under the presidency of Trump, Maher says of lawyer John Dowd, “I didn’t even have him in my bracket!” The only one who’s in is John Bolton, who has experience as the ambassador to the U.N. for George W. Bush. “So he has experience with incompetence,” Maher points out.

After some more jokes, Maher moves on to the story about the newest tiff between Joe Biden and Trump. Maher is baffled by the lack of maturity on both sides, informing viewers how Biden kicked this one off by saying he’d “beat the hell out of” Trump if they were in school together. Of course, Trump had to respond on Twitter, saying Biden would go down crying. “And then the vice principal came by and went, ‘Where are you two supposed to be?'” Maher imagines as what happens next.

You can watch the full monologue in the YouTube video below, via HBO.

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