Bill Maher goes after the ‘Washington D-list’ of conservative celebrities

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Bill Maher is getting tired of hearing conservatives complain about celebrities in politics, and responds by destroying many conservative celebrities.

Anytime a left-leaning celebrity says anything political, it’s not long at all before we see the follow-up complaints. Many conservatives will rant about how celebrities should stay out of politics, and that the opinions of famous people don’t matter. So for a New Rule segment on last night’s Real Time, Bill Maher couldn’t wait to dive into the hypocrisy of these arguments.

“Please, you’re the party that made Reagan president!” Maher laments. He adds, “It’s not our fault your celebrities are Ted Nugent, Pat Sajak, and Donald Trump!”

And Maher’s just getting started. He goes through a rundown of all of the most well known celebrities who publicly support the GOP, and doesn’t have a nice thing to say about any of them. He writes off James Woods, whose last credit was “on a MasterCard bill.” Maher then burns Scott Baio, saying the only thing he’s been in that’s made headlines lately “is his co-star.”

Even Antonio Sabato Jr. gets a turn, as he claims he was blacklisted in Hollywood after speaking at the Republican National Convention. But Maher’s not buying it, considering a blacklist to be an upgrade for Sabato, who’s not on any list. “He’d be lucky to get on a do not call list,” Maher jokes. Could it be that these celebrities are only turning to politics because their careers in Hollywood are failing?

You can watch this New Rule segment in the YouTube video below.

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