Jimmy Kimmel (and Donald Trump) mourn Keyboard Cat’s death

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After the sad news broke about Keyboard Cat passing away, Jimmy Kimmel took to late night to give a eulogy, while highlighting Donald Trump’s response.

A YouTube sensation has died, and at least one late night TV host is in mourning.

If you’ve never heard of Keyboard Cat, I’ll do my best to fill you in for a moment. Years ago, someone on the internet uploaded a video of what appears to be a cat playing a keyboard. The kitty quickly went viral, and for many years, “Keyboard Cat” would be enjoyed by millions of people across the world.

Yesterday morning, however, it was revealed that Keyboard Cat had passed away. No less than Jimmy Kimmel would turn to his late night TV show to offer his own eulogy to the famous feline, sharing the sadness so many other internet users feel. After lamenting how the “last good thing left in the world” was now gone, Kimmel shares some thoughts about the cat.

“We lost a cat who dared to defy our expectations of how musical a pet could be,” Kimmel begins. He goes on to describe how K.C. taught us how any animal could go on to play a musical instrument — “as long as someone is sitting under them controlling their arms.” Kimmel spills out a little milk for the cat at the end, which is oddly touching.

Before closing out the segment, Kimmel jokes that even Donald Trump had something to say about the cat’s death. Kimmel displays a mock tweet from Trump on the screen, which offers condolences to the feline. Humorously, it concludes that Keyboard Cat is a kitty he’d “love to grab.” We’ll let you figure out which infamous Trump quote that’s a reference to.

You can watch this segment in the YouTube video below, courtesy of ABC.

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