Drew Barrymore recalls flashing David Letterman two decades later

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Way back in 1995, Drew Barrymore flashed David Letterman on The Late Show, and over twenty years later, she returned to the program to speak about it.

Last night on The Late Show, Drew Barrymore stopped by to promote the second season The Santa Clarita Diet, the Netflix series in which she co-stars with Timothy Olyphant. But this is, of course, far from her first appearance on late night TV. For example, for the folks who’ve been around for a while, many might recall that on David Letterman’s birthday in 1995, Barrymore stood on his desk and flashed him. The moment would become one of the most controversial in late night history.

Over twenty years later, Barrymore would return to The Late Show for last night’s appearance. This time, with Letterman retired, Barrymore would be speaking with Stephen Colbert. But as the two began discussing Barrymore’s other late night appearances, it wasn’t long before they got to the infamous moment that occurred so many years ago in that very building.

“Sometimes it doesn’t feel like me,” Barrymore tells Colbert, saying it seems like a distant memory. However, though it seems strange to her now as a mother of two, the actress is completely okay with it. “That’s kind of cool. I’m still down with that,” Barrymore adds. For his part, Colbert is left speechless, unsure exactly quite how to respond.

You can watch Barrymore’s appearance on The Late Show in the YouTube video below.

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Catch Barrymore in Season 2 of her Netflix series The Santa Clarita Diet on Netflix starting on March 23. As for Colbert, you can catch him weeknights when The Late Show with Stephen Colbert airs at 11:35 p.m. EST.