Bob Saget proposed to his fiancée while watching Stranger Things

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On last night’s Tonight Show, comedian Bob Saget told Jimmy Fallon about his recent proposal to his fiancée, which happened while watching Stranger Things.

Why “Netflix and chill” when you can “Netflix and commit”?

Last night, the legendary Bob Saget paid a visit to Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show on NBC. Apparently, the previously divorced comedian had some exciting news to share in that he’s found new love. At first joking that it’s to John Stamos, Saget reveals that he is in fact engaged to be married to his girlfriend. It’s sweet, but the story behind it is rather amusing!

As it turns out, Saget was watching Stranger Things on Netflix with his girlfriend when the big moment came for him to pop the question. He tells Fallon how he paused the show on the iPad, and the two joke about how romantic Stranger Things is. “So, we were in the Upside Down,” Saget begins to joke. “Well, that was right before,” he added.

If you can believe it, the proposal gets more awkward from there. After retrieving the ring, Saget offered it to his girlfriend, and told her, “I would like to be with you for whatever days I have left.” Of course, she made him rephrase the question, giving him another chance to do it right. Fortunately for Saget, by the time he got to the end of the proposal, she said yes!

It would seem that because this is Bob Saget we’re talking about, then of course there’d be a funny story behind his proposal. You can watch Saget explain the story in the YouTube video below.

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