Stephen Colbert finds new government for Donald Trump

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With so many empty seats plaguing Donald Trump’s White House, Stephen Colbert took it upon himself to start filling those seats and build a new government.

There have been so many firings in Washington D.C. lately, that it’s starting to get comical. On the outside, it’s starting to seem like Donald Trump has forgotten that he is the president of the United States. At the rate he fires people, it more so appears that Trump is back hosting The Celebrity Apprentice like he used to.

At any rate, Stephen Colbert is concerned about all of these empty government seats. The Partnership for Public Service is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to help fill important but vacant jobs. So Colbert met with the leader of the organization to find out what’s being done about these empty seats.

Colbert learns that there are roughly 400 open positions that still need to be filled within the government. Some are scarier than others, as it’s pointed out we don’t even have a Korean ambassador. Colbert suggests that we do have Dennis Rodman, but they agree that it’d be better if they had somebody who understood politics a little more instead.

After their chat, Colbert went outside with a list of all of the super important government jobs which need filled. He took it upon himself to start slapping name tags on whoever would talk to him, giving them prestigious titles. You can watch this full segment in the YouTube video below.

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