Stephen Colbert blasts Trump over Sarah Huckabee Sanders feud

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Stephen Colbert noticed Donald Trump getting upset with Sarah Huckabee Sanders for actually telling the truth, so he weighed in on last night’s Late Show.

Ever since news first broke about Stormy Daniels suing Donald Trump, the late night comedians have been having a field day. Concerning their alleged affair, Daniels claims that her confidentiality agreement is invalid because Trump never signed it. If she wins her case, she’ll then be free to disclose all of the correspondence she had with the president, including private texts and photographs.

As Stephen Colbert pointed out in his monologue on last night’s Late Show, the White House has done a pretty good job staying silent on the fiasco. Colbert suggests that they might be able to make the story go away, so as long as nobody admits to any kind of arbitration with Daniels in any way. So, of course, leave it to Sarah Huckabee Sanders to do just that.

Colbert then plays a clip of Sanders admitting at a press conference that the case has been won in arbitration. Curiously, Trump was then reported to be “upset” with Sanders following this response. “So, let me get this straight,” Colbert sums up. “He’s blaming Sarah Huckabee Sanders for the fallout from his affair with a porn star? Happy International Women’s Day!”

You can watch this bit in the YouTube video below.

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