Jimmy Kimmel weighs in on new lawsuit against Donald Trump

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With porn star Stormy Daniels now suing Donald Trump over a confidentiality agreement about their alleged affair, Jimmy Kimmel shared his thoughts on TV.

What’s bad news for Donald Trump is good news for Jimmy Kimmel!

Yesterday, the news had been making the rounds about Stormy Daniels suing the president. As her story goes, she had an affair with Trump, having been given hush money before his campaign to prevent her from talking about it. Now, per her lawsuit, she alleges the confidentiality agreement is invalid because Trump never actually signed his name on it.

Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Kimmel brought up the new lawsuit. He can’t help but be tickled by the situation, openly laughing about it on the show. Kimmel shows how it’s actually a pattern for Trump, showing clips of Trump forgetting to sign bills on more than one other occasion. “He likes to put his name on everything,” Kimmel jokes. “But he has a problem with bills. He doesn’t sign them or pay them!”

Kimmel also is very amused by the claims that Trump had actually borrowed this hush money from his lawyer to pay off Daniels. He can’t figure out who would think to loan Trump money and actually expect to be paid back. “My rule of thumb is, never lend money to anyone who’s started a fake university,” Kimmel jokes.

You can watch this full segment in the YouTube video below.

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