God visits Oprah on The Late Show, tells her to run in 2020

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After Oprah Winfrey made a comment how she’d only run for president in 2020 after a sign from God, “God” himself surprised her on The Late Show.

Could there be possibly be a sign more clear than this?!

Recently, rumors about Oprah Winfrey running for president in 2020 took the internet by storm. Though she never officially announced a campaign, fans took it upon themselves to offer their support, if she happens to run. Since then, however, Oprah has denied that she has serious intentions to run for office, suggesting she’d need a sign from God to make that happen.

With that being said, guess who showed up during Oprah’s interview last night on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert? That’s right, God — in the form of a projected image on the ceiling of the studio — appeared to speak directly to Oprah. And, clearly, He’s a very big fan.

“I hear thou seekest a sign. Well, is this clear enough?” God asks, pointing to a handwritten sign reading, “Run!” And that’s not all. God formally offers his endorsement to Oprah, by putting on Oprah for 2020 clothing. It seems God is gung-ho about an Oprah for president campaign, but, even still, she’s not biting on it. She says it’s just not the kind of job you should be doing if you can’t commit yourself to it 100%. To that, God merely replies, “Not really, have you seen this White House?”

You can watch this segment in the YouTube video below.

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