Stephen Colbert calls out Rep. Devin Nunes for lying about him

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Rep. Devin Nunes went on record denying any knowledge that Stephen Colbert had contacted his office, but some video footage proves otherwise.

If the name Devin Nunes sounds familiar to you, perhaps you remember that story about his infamous memo. Well, now Nunes is back in the headlines again, which means Stephen Colbert is once again taking him down.

As revealed on The Late Show, Colbert printed of his own memo about Nunes. It reveals that Devin Nunes is something, but the letter blacks out whatever that message is supposed to be. Colbert jokes that it’s classified, showing it to some of Nunes’ colleagues to have a bit of fun with it. The goal, as he explains, was to try to get Nunes to respond to him.

Having said that, Colbert celebrates Nunes doing just that in a clip taken from an interview. Nunes claims that Colbert is a “danger” to the country because he’s “controlled” by the left. Colbert seems delighted Nunes took the bait, but then took exception to Nunes claiming he had no idea about Colbert trying to get in touch with him.

In response, Colbert shows video footage of himself barging into Nunes’ office. Though he’s denied access to Nunes, he did leave one of his own Nunes memos behind for the receptionist. “So either your staff didn’t tell you that I charged into your office,” Colbert suggests. “Or you’re not telling the truth.”

You can watch the full bit in the YouTube video below.

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