Jimmy Kimmel reacts to Fergie’s bizarre National Anthem performance

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After Fergie turned in a rather interesting version of the National Anthem at the NBA All-Star game, Jimmy Kimmel had a laugh over it on late night TV.

Jimmy Kimmel says Fergie’s National Anthem was nothing short of a fiasco, and he’s absolutely right!

Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Kimmel brought up said fiasco in his opening monologue. He says the singer gave “an unusually sultry version” of the National Anthem. But interestingly enough, Kimmel himself became a part of this mess, as he reveals by showing a clip from the NBA All-Star game where it took place.

With Fergie singing (?) into the mic, several reactions from the NBA players are captured on camera. Many of them seem surprised, like they just can’t believe what they’re hearing. Another can’t help but laugh, unable to contain it as Fergie goes on. But he wasn’t the only one laughing…

Another shot reveals Kimmel watching the performance from the audience. He’s laughing even harder than the basketball player shown before him, sporting the biggest smile you ever saw. “I just want to say, the reason I was smiling is because I love the National Anthem so much,” Kimmel jokes in response to being caught on camera. Kimmel goes on to explain that he had no idea he was shown smiling on TV until his phone started lighting up moments later.

Apparently Fergie has since apologized for the embarrassing rendition, saying she sang it in such a way because she’s a risk-taker. “Here’s the thing about taking risks,” Kimmel responds. “When it comes to the National Anthem, don’t.” Regular risks are fine — but let’s leave the song be.

You can watch this funny bit in the YouTube video below.

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