Jimmy Fallon pulls off five minute Tonight Show with Paul Rudd

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Jimmy Fallon had just five minutes to do a short iteration of The Tonight Show with Paul Rudd, but the late night funnyman actually pulled it off!

A five minute Tonight Show is better than none at all!

Previously, it was announced that Jimmy Fallon would be premiering a five minute version of his late night talk show. Dubbed as Tonight Show Fallon Five, the mini-show brings in Paul Rudd as a special guest — and the two are tasked with providing an entertaining but condensed version of the popular NBC program.

At the start, Fallon is forced to cut short the applause from his audience, as there’s simply no time for it. The Tonight Show host then moves right in to a miniature monologue, bringing up Fergie’s interesting rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner” at the NBA All-Star game. Jokes aren’t even necessary as Fallon shows a clip of the reactions of the NBA stars, who seem less than enthused with the song. “I don’t wanna say it was rough, but even Trump took a knee,” Fallon jokes.

After the little monologue, Fallon brings out his guest for the show, Paul Rudd. Of course, by the time Rudd makes it out, he has barely a minute to promote his new Netflix movie Mute. This leaves him no time to effectively answer any question. In a nutshell, Paul’s responses are limited to lines like, “I like skiing,” and “[Mute] is kind of a sci-fi noir.” But the duo still finds the time to do a song together, Tonight Show style!

If you have five minutes to spare you can watch the full hilarious bit in the video below.

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