Timon to Timon: Nathan Lane passes the torch to Billy Eichner

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After learning about Billy Eichner taking over the role of Timon for the live action remake of The Lion King, Nathan Lane offered his official response.

From one Timon to another, Nathan Lane is passing the torch!

On Friday night’s Late Show, the funny character actor appeared as a guest for a chat with Stephen Colbert. For those unaware, Lane did the voice of meerkat Timon in the animated Disney film, The Lion King. It’s a role that will be taken over by Billy Eichner in the upcoming reboot, and naturally, Colbert asked Lane about how it feels with Eichner taking the reins.

Lane reveals that Eichner himself personally reached out to him after the casting. Though Lane says he was “very touched” by the message, he has his own response that’s not quite as flattering. Yes, Lane is totally joking here, so keep that in mind — but he’s acting a bit less than happy!

“How dare you!” Lane begins his reply. He goes on, “What’s next, you and Ryan Gosling in The Birdcage? I’d name another of my successful films, but I don’t have one.”

Finally, Lane conludes with this: “Billy, when this was first announced, I thought to myself, this just goes to prove the old showbiz adage. Everyone is replaceable, except James Earle Jones. Hakuna f–king Matata!”

You can watch Lane deliver his message to Eichner in the YouTube clip below.

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