Bill Maher says Donald Trump can’t read (and shouldn’t be president)

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On last night’s Real Time, Bill Maher puts Donald Trump on blast for being unable to read, arguing that if you can’t even read you shouldn’t be president.

“If you can’t read, you can’t be president.” – Bill Maher

Last night on Real Time, host Bill Maher took a moment to put aside all of the scandals plaguing Donald Trump for just a moment. All of that aside, Trump’s inability to be president can be observed by his illiteracy alone. That’s led to Maher revealing his newest “New Rule,” which is that if you can’t read, you can’t be president.

“I know Donald Trump is a stable genius,” Maher says sarcastically, whilst trying to contain his laughter. “But he handles a teleprompter about as well as The Real Housewives handle wine.” Maher goes on to poke fun at how incredibly long it takes Trump to read from a teleprompter, joking that they “had to set the speed to Shatner.”

The Real Time host concedes that Trump can read a little, in the way that “FDR could dance a little.” But it seems that he will only read something so as long as his name is mentioned multiple times. Maher laments how Trump doesn’t even read the presidential daily briefing, unlike every president before him. He brings up a great point… is someone who has such trouble with basic reading comprehension fit to be the leader of the nation?

You can watch this bit in the YouTube video below, courtesy of HBO.

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