Stephen Colbert conducts new (fake) interview with Donald Trump

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Stephen Colbert had some fun with Donald Trump’s recent interview with Piers Morgan, using the footage to create his own mock interview with the president.

“Fake” news? Maybe, but it were is funny!

Recently, Donald Trump participated in an interesting interview with Piers Morgan. Apparently, in doing so, he supplied Stephen Colbert with plenty of sound bytes to use for his own mock interview with the president. Not one to miss out on the opportunity, Colbert used his Late Show to piece together a parody interview with Trump, and it’s oh so hilarious.

“Now sir, before we begin, I just want to put it out there that I’m gonna use your words to make you look like a complete and utter dumbass,” Colbert bluntly puts it right off the top. Trump retorts that he doesn’t care, leading the two into the mock interview.

Colbert brings up Trump’s remarks about the continent of Africa, and asks him to make amends by declaring that he loves Africa. “I love Scotland,” Trump replies, prompting Colbert to accept it as close, but encouraging the president to try again. “I love the U.K.,” says Trump, leading Colbert to mention that it’s starting to seem pretty racist.

“As I say often, I am the least racist person that anybody is going to meet,” Trump insists. “Okay, does anybody else say that?” Colbert responds. Of course, that freezes Trump, leading him to only mutter, “Not that I know.”

You can watch Colbert’s “interview” with Trump below.

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