SNL: Will Ferrell is hilarious in reality show spoof The House

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While hosting the show last night on Saturday Night Live, Will Ferrell starred in the mock reality show The House, and we’re wishing it was a real series.

If only all of reality television was this entertaining!

Last night on Saturday Night Live, host Will Ferrell turned in some very funny sketches. One of the show’s brightest spots came in the form of a skit titled “The House.” Ferrell plays one of three roommates involved in an apparent disagreement over movie night. In the vein of reality shows, dramatic music and spliced-in interview slips are used to explain the situation, and it turns out really, really funny.

One of Ferrell’s roommates wants him to stay at home and watch a movie at the house with a big bowl of popcorn. Meanwhile, another has plans for them to go out to the theater that night, and has already bought tickets. It’s quite a conundrum for Ferrell, and this banal situation is made so much more dramatic by the addition of the reality TV show format. It makes one think of how we’d all handle the most menial of situations if we always had cameras on us like the people on TV.

You can watch the full segment in the YouTube video below.

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