The Walking Dead on-set accident brings wrongful death lawsuit

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The family of a stuntman killed in an on-set accident during production of The Walking Dead is now hitting the AMC network with a wrongful death lawsuit.

It looks like the legal problems are just beginning at AMC.

The Walking Dead is obviously a TV series that sees the deaths of major characters left and right. It’s become the norm, especially eight seasons in when that’s obvious to every fan. But as awful as some of the on-screen deaths on the show can be, nothing is more tragic than the very-real death which occurred last year behind he scenes. And now, AMC just may have to pay out as a result of what happened.

Over at, the news has broken that the mother of John Bernecker — the 33 year old stuntman killed in an apparent fall while working on The Walking Dead — is suing AMC. The wrongful death lawsuit alleges that AMC placed Bernecker in harm’s way when they “orchestrated and enforced a pattern of filming and producing The Walking Dead cheaply and, ultimately, unsafely.”

This isn’t the first lawsuit to hit AMC. After Frank Darabont developed the show for AMC and served as its original showrunner, he was unceremoniously fired during Season 2. Darabont and his legal team have since gone after AMC for royalties, arguing that Darabont’s firing was unjust and he’s owed millions of dollars. Certainly, the last thing AMC wanted was to be hit with another lawsuit.

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Season 8 of The Walking Dead will resume with new episodes on AMC on Sunday, Feb. 25, 2018.