The Walking Dead: Mid-season 8 premiere made its director cry

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The Walking Dead will see the demise of one of its most popular characters when the show resumes, and director Greg Nicotero says it’s very tough to watch.

Saying goodbye is just as tough for the cast and crew as it is for the fans of The Walking Dead.

When we last left off with the long-running zombie drama, fans got the shock of their life by finding out Carl Grimes had been bitten. This means a guaranteed death awaits the character, who’s been around since the very start of the series. And as Carl is still a prominent force in the comic books, it made his on-screen bite all the more shocking.

Carl was still alive the last time we saw him, but that bite is going to kill him soon enough. And apparently that’s what we have to look forward to seeing when the show returns on Feb. 25. It’s going to be just as heartbreaking as we’re all expecting, at least according to Greg Nicotero in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. Nicotero, who directs the episode, has this to say about how it makes him feel watching it:

"“It’s one of the most powerful episodes we’ve ever produced. When I watched the first cut of this episode, tears were coming out of my eyes 20 minutes into it.”"

Something tells me this next episodes isn’t going to be a lot of fun.

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The Walking Dead will resume with new episodes with the mid-season premiere on Feb. 25, 2018. Are you going to watch Carl’s demise play out on screen? Tell us how this makes you feel in the comments below.