Stephen Colbert: Donald Trump gets ‘back to work’ by tweeting

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Stephen Colbert took to The Late Show last night to point out how Donald Trump got ‘back to work’ after the shutdown… by tweeting about TV reporters.

It’s nice to see the president is back to doing what he does best.

Last night, Stephen Colbert brought up the recent government shutdown that occurred under Donald Trump’s watch. A temporary deal has allowed the government to reopen on Monday, and the general impression is that the Democrats came up short. Trump himself shares this opinion, and was all too eager to jump on Twitter to let the world know.

On his Twitter account, Trump went off on a mini-rant about anchor Jim Acosta of CNN. After Acosta reported his own view that that Dems were the “losers” of this deal, Trump was quick to agree while blasting Acosta at the same time. He begins the tweet by calling him “Crazy Jim,” then after quoting him, Trump praises the anchor for his honesty. So, which one is it? You can’t have it both ways!

“Thank you for your honesty, you lying, crazy lunatic,” Colbert mimes Trump as saying. He adds, “I look forward to more truthful praise from ‘Garbage Bag Jim Acosta’ and ‘Firehose of Lies’ CNN. Keep up the good work!”

You can watch this bit in the YouTube video below.

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