Westworld wraps up Season 2, set to premiere in spring

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It will be time to head back to Westworld soon enough as Season 2 of the acclaimed HBO series has wrapped up filming, gearing for a spring 2018 premiere.

Westworld fans, it’s time to get excited!

If you caught the first season of HBO’s Westworld, we know you’re dying for more. The series proved to be a smash hit with fans and critics, prompting HBO to order another season. Its cast and crew have been working very hard, and according to DigitalSpy, filming has now officially concluded for Season 2.

Production on the second season was not without its drawbacks. Real life tragedies such as the wildfires caused production to be delayed at one point. The show’s creators also had to do some rewrites when some keen fans on the internet already figured out what was going to happen in Season 2. Despite the hurdles, the season is a wrap, and is now fast on track to premiere on the network soon enough.

HBO has not given fans an official release date for Season 2 of Westworld. Stars of the show Evan Rachel Wood and Jeffrey Wright, however, have both confirmed that the plan is to premiere this spring. Hopefully that’s early spring as opposed to later. Our wait has been long enough!

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Westworld will air new episodes in the spring of 2018. Stay tuned for word on an official release date once that is made available. Happy to see the show’s return? Tell us about it in the comments below.