Chelsea Handler adopts two new rescues after dog Chunk dies

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After the death of her beloved Chunk, Chelsea Handler is rescuing two new dogs

It looks like Chelsea Handler is going to be neck-deep in doggie hair soon enough! The comedian recently announced the latest additions to her fur family.

Last week, Handler revealed that her dog Chunk had passed away. Chunk, a German shepherd-chow mix, had been seen with her constantly and was even present on Handler’s Netflix series Chelsea. Chunk’s passing came just a few months after Handler’s other dog, Tammy, had to be put down after a prolonged illness. It has been an emotional and difficult period for Handler, a vocal animal rights advocate and dog lover. But now the comedian is ready to once again open her home to animals in need.

On Instagram, Handler debuted her brand new furry friends. Named Bert and Bernice, the pair of adopted pups are how’s and already look right at home with Handler. Take a look at the happy family for yourself:

Handler continues to support the “adopt, don’t shop” philosophy when it comes to pets. Given her popularity and following on social media, it’s likely that Handler could influence others to go the adoption route when it comes to adding a puppy or kitty to their family.

Chelsea Handler made Chunk her comedy partner

Adopting a new pet is not meant to replace the one who was lost. Chunk was a fan-favorite on Handler’s late night talk show and was often part of the act. Handler was understandably devastated by the loss of Chunk. Her fans were equally heartbroken, reaching out to Handler to send messages of support.

The support from Handler’s fans comes as no surprise. Chunk had become a celebrity in his own right. The famous pooch constantly received fan mail, goody bags, and more thanks to his hilarious appearances on Chelsea. The sidekick is a common feature in late night television and Chunk filled that role for Handler better than any human could have done.

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Given how much bad news seems to be dominating the headlines lately, it’s actually nice to see uplifting stories such as this. So many dogs out there need homes, and maybe Chelsea Handler’s adoption will help encourage some of her fans to open their homes up as well.