Jon Bernthal is open to reprising Shane on Walking Dead spin-off

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Shane Walsh has been long dead on The Walking Dead, but with the spin-off Fear the Walking Dead set in the past, Jon Bernthal is open to reprising the role.

And you were thinking there was no chance you’d ever see Shane again!

The Walking Dead is in the midst of its eighth season, and remains one of the hottest shows on television. But despite all of the bodies that have been building up over the years, people still remember Jon Bernthal’s Shane more than most. As Rick’s best friend, Shane was a vital part of the first two seasons of the series, all the way up into his death.

Recently, it was announced that Morgan Jones (Lennie James) will be appearing on Fear the Walking Dead. Because the companion series takes place in the past, it’s opening the door for characters on the parent series to show up. Morgan is going to be the first, and possibly the only one, but fans are still wondering… will any more actors show up?

Because people are curious, Bernthal was asked about reprising the role of Shane on Fear the Walking Dead by The Daily Express. While he’s completely satisfied with his time on the show, he hasn’t totally ruled out a return on Fear:

"“I feel like we’ve seen all we need to see of Shane. If we got to see him backwards – that would be interesting. But Shane died in that field. Doing the show and being killed off the show are two of the best things that have happened in my career.”"

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The entire first season of Bernthal’s newest series Marvel’s The Punisher can be streamed on Netflix. Do you want to see him come back as Shane? Tell us about it in the comments below.