Bill Maher cautions liberals about taking #MeToo movement too far

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While Bill Maher fully supports the #MeToo movement, he has taken to Real Time last night to warn liberals about going a bit overboard with it.

Bill Maher is asking: At what point does “zero tolerance” become “zero thinking”?

Last night, Maher returned to HBO with the Season 16 premiere of Real Time. On the show, he dedicated his New Rule to how to properly handle this #MeToo movement. For the record, Maher fully supports it, and even wore black during the Golden Globes (albeit, he was at home). But the late night funnyman is starting to feel like some people are taking it a little too far.

“I get it that Al Franken had to become roadkill on the zero tolerance highway. A highway that it seems only the Democrats have to drive on,” Maher laments. “But do liberals really want to become the distinction deniers? The people who can’t tell, or don’t want to see a difference between assault in a van and a back rub by the water cooler?”

Maher points out that bad things do have their varying degrees. The Real Time host does agree that both groping and rape are unacceptable. But… one is worse. However, it seems like we’re not allowed to bring that up, as Matt Damon recently found out by tweeting that there’s a difference between a pat on the butt and rape or molestation. The Twitterverse obliterated Damon in response, prompting Maher to quip, “And you think he ate a lot of sh-t in The Martian.”

You can watch the bit in the YouTube video below.

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