Stephen Colbert isn’t buying Donald Trump being ‘perfectly healthy’

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The Late Show’s Stephen Colbert isn’t accepting the perfect clean bill of health Donald Trump was given, and was quick to point out how that can’t be true.

The president is in tip top shape? Stephen Colbert isn’t buying it…

Last night, Colbert kicked off his monologue by having a little bit of fun first. He brings up how Donald Trump has revealed the results of his “Fake News Awards,” and even tells the audience how The Late Show won “Fakest in Late Night.” This prompts the studio audience to applause and even give Stephen a standing ovation. However, Colbert then revealed the joke, which was that they didn’t actually win at all (more fake news?).

Colbert then gets into the “shocking news” that Trump is supposedly healthy. “Yeah, Trump should be on the cover of Men’s Health… or, rather, Men’s Health?” Colbert jokes, presenting a photoshopped cover of the magazine with an unfit Trump on the cover. The Late Show hosts theorizes that the presidential physical fitness test consists of 25 filet o’ fish sandwiches and several hours of Fox news.

According to the physical, Trump is 6’3″ and 239 pounds. That becomes harder to believe when Colbert shows images of Trump side by side with others who actually

have those stats, and let’s just say, something doesn’t look right. Is this report about Trump’s health truly the fakest news of all?

You can watch the monologue in the YouTube video below.

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