Colbert argues Sarah Huckabee Sanders over Donald Trump’s racism

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On last night’s Late Show, host Stephen Colbert took aim at Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ claim that Donald Trump isn’t racist because he had a TV show.

So Donald Trump can’t be a racist… because he was on television?

According to White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, that seems to be the case. In the wake of the Trumpster coming under heavy fire after ‘Sh-thole Gate’, the president is being labeled as a racist. Coming to his defense, Sanders insists that there’s no way Trump can be a racist, because he hosted The Celebrity Apprentice for ten years. Sanders would say to a reporter, “Frankly, I think if the critics of the president were who he said he was, why did NBC give him a show for a decade on TV?”

“I mean, she’s got a point. NBC has always shown great judgment with their long-term employees,” Stephen Colbert sarcastically responded on last night’s Late Show. He adds, “Just ask Bill Cosby and Matt Lauer.” This prompts a big response from the audience, though Colbert reminds everyone that the joke isn’t racist.

Colbert then brings up how some Republicans are saying that Trump actually said “sh-thouse” and not “sh-thole”. Apparently, saying it one way is racist, while the other is not. Obviously, Colbert isn’t buying it.

You can watch the bit in the YouTube video below.

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