Stephen Colbert resurrects Alex Jones spoof character Tuck Buckford

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On last night’s Late Show, Stephen Colbert called upon his Alex Jones parody alter-ego Tuck Buckford to weigh in on Donald Trump being mentally “poisoned.”

Tuck Buckford is back, and at his most insane yet!

For those uninitiated, “Tuck Buckford” is the name of a parody character occasionally performed by Stephen Colbert. He is a direct spoof of InfoWars host Alex Jones, in the same way Colbert’s Colbert Report persona was inspired by Bill O’Reilly. Colbert’s Tuck Buckford segments are always hilarious, but it’s been a little while since the character has been used.

Last night, Buckford made his return to The Late Show, and he did not disappoint. Kicking off the segment, Colbert shows a clip of Alex Jones going off on another one of his theories, this time that Donald Trump is covertly being drugged. The idea is that he’s slowly being poisoned with drugs, dumbing him down the way the Deep State supposedly does with all presidents.

This was all Colbert needed to jump into another “Brain Fight with Tuck Buckford” sketch. Mimicking Jones’ voice, Colbert (as Tuck) dives into the same theory about presidents being drugged. It’s just as insane as you’re expecting — Buckford even pulls out a clown shoe (which belongs to the president) and pulls out a “poisoned Yoo-hoo.” And it just gets more nuts from there. Claiming to be immune to all poisons, Buckford volunteers to be Trump’s personal poison tester from now on, and winds up eating Tide pods!

You can watch the full bit in the video below.

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