Oprah Winfrey for president? Stephen Colbert weighs in

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With all of this talk going around about Oprah Winfrey possibly running for president in 2020, Stephen Colbert has some jokes about it on The Late Show.

Oprah for president? Stranger things have already happened…

On Sunday night’s Golden Globes, Seth Meyers joked about Oprah Winfrey (who was in attendance) running for president in 2020. When Oprah took to the stage later to deliver an empowering speech, rumors quickly began to swirl that she’s considering a presidential campaign. Though she has yet to officially comment on these rumors one way or another, the buzz has been generating headlines internationally.

Last night, Stephen Colbert took to The Late Show to offer his thoughts on the situation. Digging a bit deeper, Colbert shows a clip of Oprah’s “bestie” Gayle King speaking about her intentions. King says that Oprah is not actively planning to run at the this time — but co-anchor Nora McDonnell calls her out, saying that’s not what she was saying earlier that day. Looking at the camera, Colbert tells Gayle he’d never betray her that way, only for bandleader Jon Batiste to say, “That’s not what you said earlier!”

The Oprah 2020 rumors have, of course, found their way to the president himself by this point as well. Colbert shows his viewers a clip of Trump commenting on it, saying that an Oprah campaign would be a lot of fun.

“Yeah, it’ll be fun,” Colbert sarcastically says, “Watching two billionaire TV stars wrestle for control of our nuclear arsenal. You know… fun.”

You can watch the bit in the YouTube video below.

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