Stephen Colbert reveals how little actual work Donald Trump does

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Last night, Stephen Colbert exposed just how little actual work Donald Trump does as president per day, which is less time than it takes to watch a movie.

It seems Donald Trump isn’t doing a whole lot during his official workdays as president, and Stephen Colbert is having a field day with it.

Last night, Colbert kicked off his Late Show monologue talking about the daily routine of one Donald Trump. Looking into Trump’s workdays, which now go from 11AM to 6PM, Colbert laments that it’s not even full time. “Personally, I think the president of the United States should work at least as many hours as a 15 year old saving up money for an Xbox.”

According to the White House staff, Trump will regularly take breaks for TV and Twitter time, known internally as “Executive Time.” Colbert takes one day as an example, noting Trump had an 11AM meeting, followed by an hour of “Executive Time,” followed by an hour lunch. Guess what comes next? Another hour and 15 minutes of “Executive Time.”

From there, Trump was able to squeeze in two meetings in between more “Executive Time” breaks, before calling it a day at 4:15 PM. “So if you’re keeping track, that is one hour and forty-five minutes of actual work,” Colbert points out. “He spent less time being the American president than it would take to watch The American President.”

You can watch the hilarious bit in the video below.

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