Donald Trump and family celebrate Christmas in SNL cold open

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Last night’s cold open for Saturday Night Live had Donald Trump and his family trimming the tree in the White House, with awkwardly hilarious results.

Merry Christmas… from Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump!

Last night, the all new episode of Saturday Night Live brought back the Emmy winning Baldwin for an all new holiday sketch. Slipping into his Trump role, Baldwin hammers it to the president in a special Christmas video message from the Trumps. Right away, Trump kicks things off by bragging about how great of a year 2017 has been for him, despite all of the evidence otherwise.

Joining Trump are his close friends and family in the White House. Good ol’ Kellyanne Conway shows up, expertly played by Kate McKinnon. Sarah Huckabee Sanders join the mix as well, before Donald’s children – Ivanka, Eric, and Don Jr. – come into the room. And it obviously wouldn’t be complete without that little elf Jeff Sessions being seen on a shelf (appropriately).

And let’s not forget the recent news of Omarosa leaving the White House, with reports of her being forced out. With Leslie Jones in the role, Omarosa begs the Trumps to let her back into the fold. From outside the window, she even pulls a John Cusack by holding a boombox above her head, but it just doesn’t seem to get through to the president.

You can watch the entire segment in the YouTube video below.

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