Jimmy Fallon pulls an Oprah with an Amazon Echo for everybody

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To surprise everyone in his studio audience for the holiday season, Jimmy Fallon gave everyone in his Tonight Show crowd a brand new Amazon Echo.

Fans attending the last taping of The Tonight Show left with a really nice surprise!

On the program, host Jimmy Fallon took a moment to talk about the Amazon Echo device. He talks about how much of a cool gift this thing would make for your loved ones at Christmas. Fallon goes through some of its many features, really selling the product. But says one particular cool quality it has is that it plays videos.

Then, Fallon tells Alexa to launch The Tonight Show. He then follows-up by telling the device to play the Thank You Notes sketch from the show, and a video of Fallon preparing to do so plays. But certainly it’s doubtful that many fans in the audience were expecting what came next…

Jimmy goes to put the device away, before Alexa reminds him that he’s forgetting something. Then, Jimmy channels his best Oprah impression by announcing that everyone in the audience will be leaving with their own Amazon Echo! Obviously, everyone in the crowd is very excited, and it’s a nice surprise that can’t help but make me feel a bit jealous!

You can watch the segment in the YouTube video below.

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