CNN responds to Donald Trump after ‘fake news’ claims

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Donald Trump took to Twitter to bash CNN recently as he is wont to do, and those from the network are responding to the “Fake news!” spouting president.

The president went on the attack again against CNN, and it seems to have backfired!

We all know how Donald Trump likes to bash his ‘enemies’ on Twitter, and the CNN network is no exception. Trump has been accusing CNN of publishing fake news for a long time now, recently complaining how they’re falsely representing the country to the rest of the world.

Responding to Trump’s constant criticism, Wolf Blitzer took to CNN programming to offer an official response, which includes the following:

Per Deadline:

"“Where disaster hits, where war erupts, we’re there. Where dictators fall, where citizens rise, we’re there. Where fists are raised, blood is shed, and where heroes are made, we’re there, because the relentless pursuit of the truth and the outright rejection of any attack against it, is something we still hold sacred. Always will.”"

Blitzer shows a clip of CNN journalists in frightening and dangerous situations, a far cry from the “fake news” claims that keep being thrown their way. To close out, Blitzer adds, “And despite the constant criticism from the president we are unwavering in our mission: free and independent, as the press should be.”

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The pattern seems to be that if news is negative about Trump, then it’s “fake news”. But if there’s ever a positive story about Trump (which would most likely be a Fox News story), then it’s true. Funny how that works out.