SNL: Gotham residents complain to Bruce Wayne about Batman

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A new Saturday Night Live sketch puts Bruce Wayne at a charity fundraiser where people in the neighborhood air their grievances to him about Batman.

Maybe Batman isn’t as big of a hero as he thinks he is…

Last night, Chance the Rapper guest hosted on a new episode of Saturday Night Live. One particular sketch featured him as a resident of Gotham City attending a charity food drive held by Bruce Wayne. Speaking directly with the citizens of the city, Wayne finds out just how much Batman is more of a nuisance than a beloved superhero.

One young man approaches Wayne and tells him that he needs to tell his friend Batman to tone it down in the area. He mentions having a friend whose jaw was broken by Batman, when all he was doing was lifting a TV. Yeah, it’s a crime, but perhaps it’s a bit excessive.

Then, other people overhear the conversation and jump in with their own stories. Own man describes having his own jaw smashed by Batman before being hung by his underwear on a gargoyle. His crime? Littering. It turns out Batman is taking every chance he can to smash jaws and hang people in the air by their undies, and the citizens of Gotham are getting tired of it.

You can watch the full sketch in the YouTube video below.

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