Bill Maher shows Donald Trump how life would be without him

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Bill Maher took to last night’s Real Time to present Donald ‘Scrooge’ Trump an alternate reality vision of what life would be like without him in office.

Can you imagine life without Donald Trump?

Last night, Bill Maher pondered as much on the season finale of Real Time on HBO. Calling Trump basically the ‘Scrooge of Our Time’, Maher couldn’t help but wonder. How would this year have gone if Trump had never been born? Using the magic of Christmas, Maher lays it all out. “Was that as good for you as it was for me?” Maher first asks after quickly pondering that thought.

The Real Time host then digs deeper into Trump’s past, unearthing some old interview clips of him having an entirely different personality than what he does now. Trump almost seems humble and civil in these clips — a far cry from the sensitive narcissist he is now. “I want that Trump back. He spoke softly and wasn’t a big d–k!” Maher jokes.

“You even had vulnerability!” Maher goes on, showing photos of Trump posing with his young children. “You weren’t afraid to show affection to Don Jr., and to Eric, and to Ivanka… especially to Ivanka.” Maher then even shows a clip of Trump actually showing concern about the poor people of New York, and it just sounds so weird hearing from him. “It’s like when the little girl in The Exorcist says, ‘Your mother s–ks c–ks in Hell!'”

Will this Christmas miracle make Trump change his ways and slide down that slippery slope towards compassion? We’ll see, but I’m not holding my breath. You can watch the New Rule bit in the YouTube video below.

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Season 16 of Real Time with Bill Maher will air in 2018.