Bill Maher takes on Roy Moore and sex assault in Real Time monologue

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For last night’s season finale of Real Time, Bill Maher obliterated Judge Roy Moore and others accused of sexual misconduct in his new monologue.

We’re coming close to what has just been a crazy year. At this point, Bill Maher is ready for his break between seasons, and said as much on last night’s Season 15 finale of Real Time. But he made sure to go out with a bang by shedding his thoughts on the latest sexual misconduct allegations in the headlines.

In Alabama, Judge Roy Moore has been seeing his Senate campaign going down in flames as accusations against him mount up. His Democratic opponent is actually now beating him in the polls… in ALABAMA. “Political experts are saying that his recent surge is due to not f–king kids,” Maher quips.

Maher goes through some of the disturbing allegations being made against Moore. This includes calling a girl at her school after she refused to give him her phone number at the mall. Bringing up and laughing about Moore’s excuse that he didn’t remember dating any girl without getting her mother’s permission, Maher imagines him as saying, “I’m a chivalrous child molester.”

The funnyman then brings up Fox News’ penchant for avoiding talking about Moore, Donald Trump, or any of  the sexual harassers at Fox News. But, then, the Al Franken scandal broke. Maher says Franken deserves the condemnation he’s getting for taking a mock photo of himself groping a woman, and for forcing a kiss on her while rehearsing a comedy sketch. But while this is awful and creepy, Maher argues that he doesn’t deserve “to be lumped in with Roy Moore, or Kevin Spacey, or Harvey Weinstein. Or Donald Trump.”

You can watch the monologue in the YouTube video below.

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Last night’s episode was the season finale of Real Time with Bill Maher. Season 16 will premiere on HBO in 2018.