Jimmy Kimmel weighs in on Roy Moore sex scandal

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Late night funnyman Jimmy Kimmel took to his show last night to share his thoughts on Alabama Senatorial candidate Roy Moore’s sex scandal.

Why is Roy Moore still leading in polls despite the serious allegations against him? Jimmy Kimmel has his own way of explaining it.

Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Kimmel spoke about the sex scandal involving Moore, who’s refusing to end his Alabama Senatorial campaign. Some of the allegations against him include child molestation, which is, of course, not something to be taken lightly. But his supporters insist this is all “fake news”, or some kind of conspiracy against Moore. So, what’s really going on?

Kimmel brings up the situation, revealing that Moore was literally placed on a “watch list” at the mall during his 30s. “The only kids you should be picking up at the mall are your own kids, that’s it,” Kimmel explains, wondering how somebody in his 30s winds up on a mall watch list. Kimmel also questions why Moore needs to get permission from teen girls’ parents to date them, which his lawyer oddly chalked up as a “cultural” difference. Needless, to say, Jimmy isn’t buying it.

After, Kimmel brings up how, despite the continuing build-up of horrible allegations (and lackluster defense), Moore is still leading in some polls. One poll has him up by six points. Kimmel theorizes that voters are just so conditioned to “root for their team”, and just don’t have it in them to go outside of the box. To try to demonstrate the point, Kimmell uses clothing to compare the choice to suddenly switching colors after spending a lifetime wearing a certain one.

You can watch Kimmel’s speech in the YouTube video below.

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