Daily Show: Trevor Noah talks ‘Trump-Proofing’ nuclear weapons

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Trevor Noah took to last night’s Daily Show to highlight how the Senate is working to baby-proof the nuclear launch codes with Donald Trump in office.

I’d like to think many of us knew already that giving Donald Trump access to the United States nuclear launch codes is just not a good idea. Now, politicians in the Senate are finally coming around to this logical conclusion as well, and it’s perhaps more important than ever to limit the president’s power to the nukes.

On The Daily Show last night, Trevor Noah highlighted how the Senate had a meeting to discuss “baby-proofing” the nuclear launch codes. That is, they’re considering making moves to limit the president’s power to them for the first time in more than 40 years. And Noah is quick to point out the logic in moving forward with these steps.

Noah shows a clip of Trump boasting that he will have “no choice but to destroy North Korea.” His impulse control seems non-existent, and the fear is that Trump makes a drastic, horrible decision as part of a knee-jerk reaction. But as part of a joke solution, Noah presents a gift for Trump: a “nuclear briefcase just for the president.”

Noah pulls out a large briefcase, which contains a long process Trump will have to go through before he’s able to actually launch any nukes. It includes scanning his tax returns at the end of the process, which really ought to stop the Trumpster in his tracks.

You can watch the bit in the YouTube video below.

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