Saturday Night Live cold open blasts Roy Moore and Jeff Sessions

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Last night’s all new episode of Saturday Night Live kicked off with a sketch mocking Roy Moore, featuring a special appearance from Jeff Sessions.

Saturday Night Live didn’t waste any time bashing Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore!

Last night on SNL, the cold open focused on the scandal-ridden politician. Revelations and accusations have come out about Moore having sexual relationships with multiple underage girls. So let’s just say SNL didn’t hold back when they began the Moore bashing.

The skit opens up with Mike Pence pleading with Moore to step down from his running. Pence reminds Moore that the girl accusing him was 14 years old, and that he needs to “do the right thing.” To that, Moore responds with, “Alright, if everyone thinks I did it, I’ll marry her!” After some more pressure, Moore pleads with Pence to call his boss about the matter… and Pence says, “Sorry, I’m not gonna call Vladimir Putin about this.”

After Pence leaves Moore alone in the room, someone else pops in… Kate McKinnon as Jeff Sessions! Like Pence, Sessions puts on the pressure for Moore to drop out of the race. Sessions points out that while they do have a lot of other horrible things in common, these allegations are too creepy, even for Sessions. And that point is stressed even further when Sessions then pulls out a dead, stuffed animal and asks it for advice.

You can watch the cold open in the video below.

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New episodes of Season 43 of Saturday Night Live air Saturdays at 11:30 PM EST on NBC.