Bill Maher totally destroys Jared Kushner and pals on Real Time

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Bill Maher went on last night’s Real Time on HBO to put Jared Kushner and the rest of the Donald Trump team on blast, questioning how they still have jobs.

Bill Maher isn’t questioning why James Comey was fired. What he wants to know is how all of these nimwits in the Trump Administration still have their jobs?

Starting with Jared Kushner, Maher goes for a scathing joke immediately, referring to him as  “the man Donald Trump trusts so much, he lets him take out his girlfriend.” Maher laments how Kushner was basically given “all the jobs” at the White House, and one year later, the funnyman is shining a spotlight on this decision to expose how idiotic it really is.

In the beginning, Trump was sure Kushner would be the one to bring peace to the Middle East. On top of that, he was swimming in other responsibilities — renegotiate ALL trade deals, reinvent the Government, reset relations with China, solve opioid crisis, etc. It’s a lot to do, sure… but did Jared to ANY of it? To answer that question, Maher pulls out the scorecard!

One by one, Maher goes through each item on Kushner’s to-do list. And with each one, Kushner doesn’t have a thing to show for it. It seems the only “progress” Kushner made was with diplomacy with Canada. But it’s because “Ivanka eye-f–ked the Prime Minister” Maher jokes, showing a photo of Kushner’s wife staring longingly at Justin Trudeau.

Maher then moves on to blast the other members of the Trump administration, and it’s comedy gold. You can watch the complete New Rule segment in the YouTube video below.

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