Stephen Colbert mocks Donald Trump bragging about himself to South Korea

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Donald Trump recently gave a speech to South Korea’s National Assembly, but Stephen Colbert noticed how he used the opportunity to just talk about himself.

No matter what Donald Trump is supposed to talk about, apparently he just can’t help but switch the topic back to himself — so says Stephen Colbert.

Recently, Donald Trump set out for a presidential tour of Asia. This led to a speech to South Korea’s National Assembly, in which the idea was to “praise the resiliency” of the South Koreans and recognize their tremendous accomplishments. Of course, while celebrating the South Koreans, Trump just had to throw in a comment about how he won the election last year.

“That is a hard turn from Korean life expectancy to ‘I won the election!'” Colbert joked on last night’s Late Show, miming doing a 180-degree turn with a steering wheel. The funnyman goes on to imagine Trump doing the toast at a wedding, taking attention away from the ceremony to talk about his time hosting The Celebrity Apprentice.

The self-loving continues in the speech. It culminates in Trump talking about the golfers in Korea, leading to Trump talking about the U.S. Women’s Open being held at his golf club. Colbert likens it to Richard Nixon heading to China to hock Dick Nixon’s Salad Fixins, a totally made up product.

You can watch the bit in the YouTube video below.

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