SNL: Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump takes on Paul Manafort indictment

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Alec Baldwin returned as Donald Trump for last night’s Saturday Night Live cold open, hitting on the Paul Manafort indictment and upcoming jail time.

President Donald Trump has got to be clenching his tiny little fists right about now!

Last night for the cold open of Saturday Night Live, Trump was spoofed yet again by the Emmy-winning Alec Baldwin. Of course, they’re taking on the recent news that Trump’s former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, is being indicted. And they weren’t holding back at all!

In the sketch, Trump visits his old pal Manafort’s apartment to check in. The two talk about the indictment, with Manaford admitting to screwing up. “It’s a shame you’re going to prison, because I was about to give you a huge tax break!” Trump boasts. After commenting on his “cut, cut, cut” tax plan, Trump then is reminded to ask Manafort if he will bring any shivs with him to the slammer.

And while Trump and Manafort discuss the upcoming indictment, the president had sent along a lookalike to fill his place for a trip with Melania. By that, I mean he sent along a pillow person made to resemble Trump. But Melania clearly enjoys this fake Trump better. “Who knew that just by keeping your mouth shut, you could seem so presidential!” she jokes.

You can watch the skit in the YouTube video below, courtesy of NBC.

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