Seth Meyers breaks down first indictments in Russia investigation

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Huge news is coming out of special prosecutor Robert Mueller’s investigation into the Trump campaign, and Seth Meyers is breaking it all down.

Need to catch up on the big news that unfolded over the weekend? Seth Meyers has got you covered!

On last night’s new episode of Late Night, Meyers shines a spotlight on the first charges brought forth as a result of special prosecutor Robert Mueller’s FBI investigation. Looking into the Trump campaign’s alleged collusion with Russia, Mueller found something sufficient enough to formally bring charges to multiple Trump staffers.

First, Meyers kicks off his A Closer Look segment with video footage of trick or treaters in the Oval Office. Negative Trump, of course, turned the situation into an opportunity to attack the media, literally complaining about the press over and over again to the costumed children. As these kids are the children of members of the press, Trump tells the room that they did a good job with the kids, but not with Trump himself. “That’s because you’re not their children!” Meyers points out.

But soon enough, Meyers moves on to what was next for Trump. He had gotten the news that his former campaign manager Paul Manafort is being indicted. These charges included accusations of laundering millions of dollars, as well as failing to register as an agent of a foreign government.

Of course, this caused Trump to jump on Twitter as he went into defense mode right away. First, he said the Manafort accusations were from “years ago”. But then just three minutes later, Trump then tweets that there was “NO COLLUSION!” Meyers jokes that Trump is so bad at this, it’s “like getting pulled over, and saying, ‘I wasn’t speeding, officer, and THERE’S NO COCAINE IN THE GLOVE COMPARTMENT!”

You can watch the entire Closer Look segment in the YouTube video below.

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