Who’s hosting Saturday Night Live tonight, November 11th?

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Who is going to be hosting the episode of Saturday Night Live tonight on NBC? We have all of the information you need to know about the show right here.

After a couple of weeks of reruns, Saturday Night Live returns to NBC tonight with an ALL NEW episode of Season 43!

Tonight, comedian Larry David will be coming on board as the celebrity guest host. Always hilarious, there are surely many of his fans really looking forward to tonight’s show. David has always made audiences laugh in every one of his past appearances on the program.

As for the musical guest, take a guess who that’s going to be? The one and only Miley Cyrus. This is obviously not Miley’s first appearance on the show but she was probably due to reappear. Miley’s not quite as controversial these days as she may have been not so long ago, but we will see how wild she ends up getting.

We’ve got the info on the next couple of weeks as well. On Nov. 11, Tiffany Hadish and Taylor Swift will be coming onto the show. The next week will see Chance the Rapper hosting, with Eminem as the musical guest. It’s been all great so far in Season 43 and seems that this will only continue.

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So for the quick recap of everything we talked about above. Larry David and Miley Cyrus will be the guests on tonight’s new episode of Saturday Night Live. You can watch it when it airs at 11:30 PM EST on NBC.