Stephen Colbert blasts Fox News for avoiding indictment story

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Every news network scrambled to cover the big news coming from Robert Mueller’s investigation, except for Fox, as Stephen Colbert hilariously pointed out.

Ahem… aren’t you guys forgetting something?

Lately, the investigation into Donald Trump’s campaign and alleged collusion with Russia brought about some significant news. Trump’s buddies are being served with indictments after some new revelations came to light. Obviously, it’s MAJOR news, but you wouldn’t know that if your only news source is the Fox network!

On last night’s Late Show, Colbert spoke about the situation, noticing that Fox News, at first, only briefly mentioned the story to then focus on Dean Cain talking about Halloween candy. Colbert jokes that they do get to it eventually… but then plays clips of them stalling the story more and more, pushing back the breaking news to talk about things like Reese’s candy and cheeseburger emojis.

“It seems like Fox News is going out of its way to cover anything other than the Robert Mueller investigation,” Colbert laments. To prove his point, Colbert then debuted a new segment of his faux news show, “Real News Tonight” — an obvious parody of Fox News.

“Our lead story tonight: there is nothing going on in Washington involving someone named Paul Manafort, if that even is a real man,” says Jill Newslady. The broadcast then moves along, with both anchors continuing to interrupt each other with more “breaking news” — but it’s always something stupid, like discussing a list of most popular pizza toppings.

You can watch the “Real News Tonight” parody in the YouTube video below.

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