The Daily Show examines the tweeting history of Donald Trump

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For a special Daily Show segment with Desi Lydic, the complete history of Donald Trump’s tweeting is reflected upon, starting with his very first one.

Donald Trump’s obsession with his Twitter account is very well known… but how did it all begin?

That’s the focus of a new video segment released by Comedy Central’s The Daily Show. Hosted by Desi Lydic, the bit shines a spotlight on the tweeting history of the president, taking things all the way back to May 4, 2009 — the date of Trump’s debut tweet. Though it was merely a tweet about David Letterman’s show (the name of which he got wrong), Lydic jokes that it was still “breathtaking.”

And that’s just the start of the overall segment, entitled, “Donald Trump: A Man of Many Characters.” Lydic goes through several of Trump’s random tweets from the early days, including the one about never seeing “a thin person drinking Diet Coke.” But what impresses Lydic most of all about Trump’s style of tweeting is the “innovative” way he gets around the 140 character limit.

Trump’s habit of retweeting horrible people and hate groups is also exposed. Lydic shows how he retweets Neo Nazis, white supremacists, and other “very fine people on many sides.” Yet Trump’s questionable tweeting still didn’t stop him from landing the presidency. To this day, Trump continues to hop on Twitter regularly, despite getting deeper into his gig as the commander-in-chief. I guess if it’s working out for him so well, why would he stop now?

You can watch the entire segment in the video below.

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