Did Chelsea Handler quit her Netflix show, or was it cancelled?

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Chelsea Handler recently announced she was quitting her Netflix series to focus on political activism, but new reports hint she might have gotten the axe.

Is this a classic case of, “You can’t fire me — I quit!”?

After two seasons, Chelsea Handler’s Netflix series is already coming to a close. On her Twitter account, Handler made the news official, confirming the show will end for good by the end of the year. According to Handler, she chose to depart to become more of an activist, though she notes that she’s still collaborating with Netflix on a new documentary.

Since then, a new report from In Touch Weekly suggests that there’s more to the story there after all. According to their insider, Netflix was about to pull the plug on the show anyway, but Handler beat them to it after seeing the writing on the wall. Allegedly Handler was making big money and the show was pretty pricey to produce, but was among the lowest-streamed original content on the service. Ouch.

The sources goes on to add that Handler was supposedly difficult to work with on the set. One of the bigger complaints is the way she would let her dog Chunk roam around on the set without so much as a leash. And Handler may have cussed out a staffer after this individual passed on a message about possibly crating the dog during filming.

As of now, this is all just technically rumor and innuendo, as this “source” for In Touch Weekly hasn’t been named. We’ll be keeping an eye out for any developments on this story.