Stephen Colbert laments George H. W. Bush’s groping scandal

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Former president George H. W. Bush is the next person to be caught up in a sexual harassment scandal for his alleged groping, and Stephen Colbert responds.

We just knew there was no way Stephen Colbert was going to keep quite about this one!

Last night, Colbert named George H. W. Bush the “Harasser of the Day”. This came after allegations that the former president had been “groping” women. At a time when it seems like there’s a new sexual harassment scandal coming out on a daily basis, this obviously didn’t go over too well with the crowd.

On the show, Colbert feigns his sadness over Bush’s scandal, joking that this is the “Bush we like.” He goes over the story of multiple actresses coming out to say that Bush had grabbed them inappropriately, joking that his favorite musician is “David Cop-a-feel.” Colbert says that the joke is so bad that it makes him feel awful as a comedian, adding that “nobody has a favorite musician!”

Anyway, Bush has since apologized through his spokesman, with the claim that his habit of patting women on the bottom was meant to be good-natured. For one more laugh at the situation, Colbert imagines the president’s statement concluding with Bush respectfully asking for you to “back it up like a Tonka truck.”

You can watch Colbert take aim at the “Harasser of the Day” in the YouTube video below.

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