God returns to Stephen Colbert’s Late Show, blasts Bill O’Reilly

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With yet another sexual harassment bombshell dropped for Bill O’Reilly, the almighty “God” Himself paid a visit to The Late Show to talk about it.

Once again, God has returned to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert!

In recent days, former Fox New TV host Bill O’Reilly has found himself in trouble once again. Another sexual harassment settlement from earlier this year came to light, in which Bill allegedly sent gay pornography to a colleague. After this new bombshell, O’Reilly came out and says he’s mad at God over this whole situation.

In the wake this, “God” Himself — that is, the animated version of our heavenly father that occasionally visits The Late Show — made His return to speak about the situation. “I don’t want my name associated with this Bill O’Reilly business!” God says, demanding he be left out of this situation.

God stresses that He doesn’t have the best track record with women of his own. That includes the time He “got somebody pregnant, then totally bailed.” Only for the kid to show up on his doorstep 33 years later, of course. Turned out to be a nice guy though!

Ultimately, God does cop to being at fault for O’Reilly’s bad luck. But that’s because He gave O’Reilly free will, and that’s what happened. He compares it to giving a toddler keys to drive a car.

You can watch God’s appearance in the YouTube video below.

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